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Life…just another 4 letter word!

by on Aug.24, 2013, under Crohn's, Life, Pugs, Stuff

Cripes, that title sounds depressing as hell huh?

Well it’s been a long ass time since I posted on my blog. I gotta stop letting so much time go by between posts. In a way I do have an excuse. I’ve had a lot going on in my life. I just keep on keepin’ on some how. Well I know how, I have some of the best and supportive friends anyone could hope to have for starters.

First, the biggie. If you don’t already know; my wife decided to cheat on me and we are in the final stages of the divorce. It’s been almost a year now since she devastated me with the news and I have to say, time doesn’t heal all wounds but it certainly has helped. Of course she dropped the bombshell on me JUST before Claudio came out to visit and work on the first LIVER album in 12 years. While we were able to do some stuff we didn’t finish, needless to say I wasn’t really on my game. Run on over to tho and check out some of the new material. The good news is hopefully he’ll be coming back this year so we can finish and if the stars align and good fortune smiles upon our dumbasses Jeff Hickman will be here as well. Jeff hasn’t recorded with Claudio and I in well over 20 years! (continue reading…)

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Tryin’ Some New Stuff….

by on Mar.06, 2013, under Nerdy Geeky Cool Stuff, Podcast Shows, Tech

UStream.tvHave you heard about Ustream? Seems pretty swell. Basically I plan to use it to make small interactive videos for this here site right here and junk. Still dickin’ around with it and learning the in’s and out’s and the occasional sideway’s but it has potential. The main thing for me is getting viewers/listeners to be able to call in either by voice or video and have it be part of my out going stream.


I’m not going to use the term “out going stream” anymore because technically that’s what a piss is. “Ustream” also comes close to,…,…ok,…Let’s forget this little moment ever happened.
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Why I am Ditching DirecTV, DISH, Cable, and even over the Airways Broadcasts…

by on Oct.11, 2012, under Nerdy Geeky Cool Stuff, Tech

Honey Boo Boo Child's Lovely Mother does her Max impression.

June, the “mother” of TV’s sensational show ( for some reason ) Honey Boo Boo is pictured here doing an EXCELLENT imitation of ME and how I look when I try to watch regular programming on Satellite or Cable TV.

I’m done.

I am shelling out over $100 a month to get crap thrown at me!

Doing this, under any circumstance, doesn’t sounds like a smart idea now does it? And I am not alone. 1.5 million Americans last year decided to throw in the jock and  get rid of satellite & cable in favor of streaming content on the Internet. YAY for 1.5 million brilliant Americans! There is still some hope left! Maybe this post will help raise that number a little higher.

Many people reading this have already considered dropping S&C as we’ll call satellite & cable now in this post. The chief thing holding some people back from dropping S&C is their financial situation, or that they still want  local programming like the news, or they think you need to be some kind of “Genetically Altered Super Mega Nerd” like myself, which is true by the way. But I am here to rescue you from your misconceptions, except for that last one.

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Dolphin took a dump in my pool!

by on Aug.23, 2012, under Tech

I must be a spoiled nerd-brat or something. Over the years I grew accustom to Joomla, Drupal, Roller and WordPress forums. Maybe its just that people in the Open Source world are different. Sure most of them are a little “off” but thats ok, if you haven’t guessed already – so am I, kind of. But ya know how when you have some goofy issue with some CMS or blog and the community would sort of spring into action and you would end up with a plethora of idea’s or solutions?

Isn’t that kind of swell?

Doesn’t that make you feel all fuzzy inside?

Well, I decided to try this,….thing,…Dolphin 7. And before I bitch about it I gotta say its really got potential. And if you are coming from a non-open source world, you’ll LOVE IT. Its good if you want to build a dating/singles site and for what I decided to use it for, for a community based web site. It is a tad bit clunky at times. Quirky would apply too. I really started using it because it seemed interesting and so far, that is an understatement. It has kind of an open source feel in the development aspect but thats all.

If you are coming from the open source world, be prepared to say to yourself, quite often,”….what the fuck is THAT?” and “Why the fuck would it do THAT?” I have scratched my head a few times, as a matter of fact I think I have an open gash on the top of my dome currently because suddenly my RSS feeds aren’t working and I can not figure out why. Seems like it just “happened” one day, and thats not the first thing to just stop working. Here comes the spoiled and bitch part.
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What Now?

by on May.18, 2012, under Crohn's, Life, Medical


Hey People! It’s been a while since I’ve posted to the blog here. As some of you may know from Facebook, I was in the hospital yet again. This time was a lot different from what started the Crohn’s  Flare to the stay in the hospital and probably will change many aspects of my life from here on out. It was NOT my usual trip to the hospital compared to the other posts I’ve made. It actually starts with a toothache if you can believe that!

Two weeks or so before I was admitted I started having trouble with a god damn tooth. It had a crown but that had come loose and the dentist said I probably needed a root canal…which I thought I had because I had a crown. I’m still not sure on that one but that was the least of my troubles. The damn thing hurt like hell. I was given several antibiotics ( I’ll add the names of those antibiotics next edit ) because none of them seemed to work. The down side with giving antibiotics to a person, or me in this case, with Crohn’s is that not only do they kill infections but they also kill the good bugs in your guts. Antibiotics are a delicate balancing act for us Crohnies. The doctors aren’t sure but all seem to believe that the antibiotics certainly didn’t help my guts. But given the fact that there aren’t really any other alternatives when dealing with a painfully infected tooth I really had no choice. Long story short on the tooth thing, I ended up just saying fuck it and had the dentist pull the bastard! I was however too late, the flare was in motion. And so, it came on pretty heavy duty. I didn’t go back to the hospital by ambulance this time! I actually didn’t think I’d be admitted however, since par for the course is; I go to the ER, they load me up on junk, after 5/6 hours or so they send me home, where I get sick again, return, repeat. Not this time surprisingly!

In the X-ray’s of my guts they notice nodules on my lungs. It was the sarcoidosis! It appears and it disappears on my lungs from time to time and this time they apparently decided to show up. Doctors decided to admit me because of the Crohn’s and because they wanted to do an MRI biopsy and get the low down on these nodules. Ok! I’m up for anything you wanna try. So the next day they get me down to do the biopsy. It’s a good thing I made one of my trademark stupid comments, because if I hadn’t mentioned “Dr. Goober ( his real name ) had farted around with my sarcoidosis back in 2008 and probably left his gum on my lung” which stopped the surgery dead in its tracks before anything started, I would of had to endure yet another form of poking & prodding. I guess the doctors didn’t read back far enough to find out that we had established I had sarcoidosis since 2008. Granted, my case file is about 4 inches thick but,…

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Tweet my Twitters

by on Sep.15, 2011, under Life, Stuff, Tech

follow me on twitter,...finally!I haven’t been as quick to jump on the Twitter Bandwagon as most of my friends and colleges ( ie: geeks & nerds ) and not because I don’t like “tweeting” or using the word tweet. Fuckin’ A Tweet has been one of my favorite sayings for decades.

No, what I was worried about was the ownership of the tweets. It had been a gray area for awhile. What’s gotten me off my ass to finally start using Twitter was a personal assurance from Twitter themselves in response to a posting I made elsewhere. I say elsewhere because I really don’t know where it was that I had posted about my concerns, I do that a lot. Apparently I was quite vocal on whatever blog I posted on and they, Twitter, felt the need to clarify with me personally that they don’t own my tweets and that I do. And so I now encourage you to follow me on Twitter as well now.

Those of you who follow my facebook postings will know what to expect when I post on Twitter. Inevitably I will repost some of the crap that I post on facebook. Maybe some shortened versions of my so called pearls of wisdom. But I will also include some of the mundane daily events in my life because for some reason people find that stuff interesting. Being sick, trying to get off of pain killers, and just daily living sometimes is tricky for me and worthy of sharing with you all. I hope some of the babble I put forth can actually help others, but its also kinda fun to make you laugh as well.

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The latest surgery

by on Aug.28, 2011, under Crohn's, Medical

Xray of my Surgery

Radical attempt for pain relief.

I recently had surgery ( on August 26th, 2011 ) to deaden the nerves in my guts to FINALLY eliminate some if not all of my abdominal pain. Its by no means a cure, and the chances are very good the nerves will re-route themselves and the pain could return. Could be in 3 months or 3 weeks. It may never come back but those of you who have read about my shitty health and rotten luck know that the chances of that happening are pretty slim. I’ll take what I can get tho, just a few hours of relief are worth it.

The surgery was done by Dr. Al Tamimi. I really like that guy. He hate’s making small talk, so of course I annoy the shit out of him by trying to get him to make, you know,…..small talk. Social skills aside he’s one helluva doctor and I completely trust him. I have seen well over 30 doctors since becoming sick in 2003. Probably more than that if you count various ER doctors ( see the post below for a story of a run in with a jackass doctor ).

The next step is for me to do something I’ve been wanting to do since all this started. GET OFF THE JUNK! I did it before but it was kind of pointless. Getting off the pain meds while in a ton of pain obviously makes no sense at all. The problem was the pain med dosage was very high and I wasn’t getting any relief. I don’t know if getting off the Oxy’s for a few months helped but when I went back on them, they worked better than before. Still, a high dose – and of course they aren’t good for your other organs. I have heart issues now that are directly connected to the pain meds. Of course, and ironically for me, it also isn’t good for the liver!

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“Doc Cock” & My Shitta ER experience…

by on Aug.07, 2011, under Crohn's, Loudmouth, Medical

I took half, no drugs for you!

Chances are if you are here you know I am in the hospital yet again. Same old tired story; a Crohn’s Flare, my heart is doing the poopie dance, extreme PAIN, uncontrollable barfin’ and generally feelin’ like shit. So needless to say I certainly did not need to go thru the horse shit I had to go thru in the ER at Littleton Adventist Hospital.

It started like this. As soon as I got up I knew I was going to be sick. As things usually go I started throwing up. What sucks the most about throwing up is I throw up all my medication. I’m on such high doses, especially of pain meds ( which I am in the process of trying to ween off of ) that if I don’t get a full dose in me and keep it in me I’ll eventually start withdrawing.

Shels called the ambulance,…my good friends at Elk Creek who know me since I’m a frequent flyer. Besides the fact that they were training a new guy who couldn’t start my I.V. once that was taken care of they loaded me up with anti-barf’n medication as well as some pain meds. And its down the hill and to the ER we go.

The first time.

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My little “Buddy” lost his eye-sight

by on Jul.17, 2011, under Life, Medical, Pugs


Dweezil as a itty bitty puppy

Our cool li'l duder, Dweez

It’s been a helluva week. At the age of 5, Dweezil “the Buddy” our black pug went BLIND, rather suddenly. Roughly about a week ago the normally upbeat albeit crazy hyper Dweezil suddenly seemed depressed for lack of a better word. My wife even took him across the street to the Vet, believe it or not – it’s his favorite place to go. He likes to visit Dr. Heidi there. We thought that would cheer him up. It sort of did, but you could tell there was something wasn’t right with him. And then I took him to play ball on the front deck.

He seemed fine at first and then the big orange ball that’s almost the same size as him rolled past him and he didn’t see it. Right then and there I knew and my eyes filled up with tears. He may have had a little site then but it quickly got to the point where Dweezil was bumping into tables and walls and such. My wife Shels was and actually still is pretty devastated. It breaks my heart to see our most outgoing, friendly, playful Pug radically change like this, for now. I hope.
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